Success Stories

Our job is to make your job easy. As our client, you'll be assigned a team of Mortgage experts who work tirelessly to improve your institution's financial package. But don't just take our word for it; hear what our clients have to say.

The best part about working with Windsor is it seems to be very family-oriented. Everybody there is always happy and positive; that's something I personally thrive off of.

‑ Sean Finn, Clear Mortgage, NMLS #1660974

It used to take us 5 to 8 weeks to close a loan. Now with Windsor, it takes us 23 days.

‑ Mary Rettmer, AVP/Mortgage Banker, NMLS# 476964 at United Prairie Bank

They deliver what they tell you they are going to deliver. They deliver extra and it's been a great feeling to have that experience with them.

‑ Scott Bradley, President and CEO at United Prairie Bank

We had a very basic concept of what mortgage lending was all about and in the past year we have been been able to increase our portfolio, increase our loan volume, and increase the number of lenders that we have. It's been a win win all around.

‑ Mary Rettmer, AVP/Mortgage Banker NMLS# 476964, at United Prairie Bank

They look to figure out how we can put a deal together. They don't first look to see what we can find and say no. They look at how we can say yes.

‑ Dean Lafrentz, Senior Vice President at Midstates Bank

With the current market challenges today, our business has grown by really having Windsor as a partner. For example, they don't Fred Flinstone out at 5 pm—we had a loan clear to close at 10:45 pm. If that commitment wasn't there all throughout Windsor, that loan would not have been cleared to close.

‑ Jason Purcell, VP & Owner, NMLS# 1150504 of Certified Mortgage Planners