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Home ownership through WHOLESALE Lending

For mortgage brokers, credit unions, and banks

You want to wow your clients with loan options that fit them financially and help them thrive. And we do too! At Windsor, we have an extensive product lineup, competitive rates, and next-level customer service. We’ll focus on the experience, expertise, and cash flow while you focus on, well… just your clients! It’s that easy.

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When it comes to lending, everybody’s looking for the best deal.

Most people comparison shop until they’ve found the best rate, then go with that guy, because it’s all about the rate, right? Wrong. Great rates matter- don’t get us wrong. That’s why we continually work to provide our clients with competitive pricing, however, it is not the ONLY thing that matters. Closing on time matters. Communication matters. Underwriting a loan for resale matters. Accountability matters.

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With Windsor, you don’t have to make tradeoffs. You get great rates and even greater customer experience.

True wholesale lending is helping you provide personalized solutions to each of your borrower’s unique needs so they can make their dream of home ownership a reality.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your valuable time shopping around and start closing on more loans for more people, fill out the form below to set up a call. We can’t wait to help!